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Root Canal Therapy

There is an area at the core of your tooth that is refered to as the "pulp" which is where blood and nutrients circulate to keep the tooth healthy. When the pulp is damaged it leaves the tooth vulnerable to infection and can result in pain, swelling, bone damage and loss of the tooth. To save the original tooth and prevent further damage a root canal may be needed.

Root Canal Therapy allows your tooth to be saved and eliminates the need for more costly procedures like dental implants. This process involves creating an opening in the crown allowing your dentist to remove the the pulp and clean the canal before being shaped and smoothed. All abscess and bacteria is removed before the canal is sealed.

At this point, the pulp in the 'root canal' is completely removed and the 'canal' is cleaned out, shaped and smoothed. Any infection (we refer to as abscess) is treated and the bacteria that cause it are cleaned out before sealing the tooth.

At this point the tooth will no longer be receiving vital nutrients and may need a crown or cap to strengthen and protect the chewing surface.

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