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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Do you or your partner have a problem with snoring?

Chronic snoring can effect more than your sleep cycle as snoring can be a symptom of Sleep Apnea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is defined as “the temporary reduction or cessation of breath” and occurs during sleep due to blockages in the airway caused by the orientation of your jaw or tongue. While common, Sleep Apnea should not be taken lightly as it can result in high blood pressure, headaches, stroke, diagetes, depression and even heart failure. Luckily there is a safe and effected way of dealing with Sleep Apnea.

Snoring Appliances are non-invasive, easy to use and effective in improving breathing, reducing snoring and treating sleep apnea. The snoring appliance will not cure the apnea and/or snoring but works non-surgically to realign the jaw and/or tongue to keep the airway open. Its intention is to prevent the apnea and/or snoring from occurring during sleep and so it must be worn each night to produce the desired effect.

If you or your partner are snoring, contact our Midtown Toronto or Richmond Hill dental offices for more information.
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